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We have been caring for cats since 2008. Providing an alternative to the usual lockdown facility or languishing alone in a cage surrounded by dogs. We are a military family so we understand the challenges of having to travel to visit family. Therefore you can rest assured that a cat in our care will be well cared for. 

  I have been owned by a cat or two, my entire life and knowing that they are unique creatures I researched cat communications and behaviors gaining the knowledge needed for this unique facility allowing interactions between groups of cats. In all the years in business there has never been an injury at Purrfect Purr.

  It was my desire to provide a luxury facility for cats, something that's lacking in Anchorage. We have grown over the years from my family room in Eagle River to the wonderful facility we are in now. I have cared for hundreds of clients over the years and continue to make friends and provide a vacation for your cat/s while you are on vacation.

  Call for an appointment to view the wonderful setup I've designed.

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