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Welcome to the home of Purrfect Purr Cat Hotel!

Where your cat is a guest, not an inmate.

Located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska minutes from Ted Stevens International Airport.
     For years dogs have had the luxury of many types of boarding arrangements while our precious kitties have had to be limited to a super-max lockdown, strangers coming to their home or you imposing on family and friends to care for them. Well not anymore.
     At Purrfect Purr Cat Hotel your fur baby will check into a spacious unit where they will be allowed to feel secure and get used to their surroundings. When they are ready, they will be allowed to socialize with the other guests. But only if they want to. We do not force socialization. For the shy kitties we will let them out to enjoy the lounge area alone.
     Cats are, by their very nature, social animals. Contrary to popular belief they can and do enjoy a social structure, they are just more cautious than dogs. Cats are territorial and own everything in their territory including you! At Purrfect Purr they are in neutral territory, I don't belong to them and all of my guests are spayed or neutered therefore there are no catalysts for aggression. Thus a colony is the result where members change regularly. 

     When your cat/s visits Purrfect Purr Cat Hotel they will enjoy a stimulating environment where they are safe, secure and cared for as though they were my own. I feed high quality, grain-free, no by-product dry and wet food. I use only non-toxic plant based cleaners and litter. 
-Elaine Parry, Owner
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